The Red Pill

I watched “The Red Pill” last night and found it well written and interesting. I was aware of all the fuss that had surrounded the film and couldn’t understand why it had such vitriolic backlash. I decided to take a look at some of the reviews online and understand why people had a problem with a film that discussed men’s issues.

LA Times Review – admits that men face issues but doesn’t like some of the initial terms used in the film so dismisses the whole thing as “misogynist rhetoric”.

New Statesmen  – discussion of the Red Pill movement in general. Interesting but very partisan. The writer failed to notice the irony that if you swapped the genders in her article then you have a damning critic of feminism.

Mumsnet – typical thread for this site which starts out quite well but then swiftly moves onto victim blaming and trying to take men’s issues and relate it all to feminism. The best head of the keyboard moment was when one poster said that men doing dangerous jobs was so they could get paid more and keep women down.

Anyway watch it.

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