Laci Green Exiled to Twitter’s ‘Block Bot’ Gulag

“Today, the YouTube star was shocked to discover that she had been added to the “Block Bot,” a public blacklist started by social justice warriors to create a “safe space” on the social media platform.

The blocklist is not an automatically generated blacklist. It is manually curated by a select group of people who have, in the past, added people they personally dislike to the list as “harassers.” Feminist activist Caroline Criado-Perez and New Statesman editor Helen Lewis are both on the list.

The Block Bot may be intended to block Twitter trolls and other intentionally malicious accounts, but all it really succeeds in doing is to create and maintain an ideological echo chamber free from external interference. As one Reddit commenter suggested: the intent, ultimately, is to censor suppressive voices and control the narrative.”

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