The Myth of Male Power

Myth of Male Power The Myth of Male Power: Why Men are the Disposable Sex is a 1993 book by Warren Farrell, in which Farrell argues that the widespread perception of men having inordinate social and economic power is false, and that men are systematically disadvantaged in many ways.

Like Herb Goldberg‘s The Hazards of Being Male, Farrell’s The Myth of Male Power is considered a standard of the men’s movement.

“Both sexes contribute to the invisible barriers that both sexes experience. Just as the “glass ceiling” describes the invisible barrier that keeps women out of jobs with the most pay, the “glass cellar” describes the invisible barrier that keeps men in jobs with the most hazards. Members of the glass cellar are all around us. But because they are our second-choice men, we make them invisible. (We hear women say, “I met this doctor . . .,” not “I met this garbageman. . . .”)”

“Men’s greatest weakness is their facade of strength, and women’s greatest strength is their facade of weakness.”

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