Death by affirmative action By Emil O. W. Kirkegaard

From a public health perspective, affirmative action probably mostly kills blacks and Hispanics. People prefer to befriend and date others who are the same race, and this ethno-centrism also applies to patient’s choice of physicians.

Affirmation action is used in admission to medical schools, i.e. they practice race quotas in favor of less intelligent races, in particular blacks and hispanics, and discriminate against whites and especially (East) Asians.

Affirmation action results in less intelligent people getting into schools.

Less intelligent people tend to drop out more, so we expect and do see higher drop out rates among blacks.

Even with differential drop-out rates by race, affirmative action results in less intelligent people graduating and eventually practicing medicine.

Less intelligent people have worse job performance in every job type. This is especially the case for highly complex jobs such as being a doctor which results ultimately in patient suffering including untimely death.

Thus, bringing it all together, affirmation action for race results in less intelligent blacks and hispanics being admitted to medical schools, and when they don’t drop out, they end up practicing medicine, and in doing so, they do a worse job than white and Asian people would have done, thereby killing people by incompetence.