SJWism, Emotion, Free Speech and Violence |  Keri Smith

“There’s a recent article over at Role Reboot titled, I’m Done Pretending Men Are Safe (Even My Sons). I hesitated writing about it, because I don’t want to single out the author. It’s not about her as a person, or any one person for that matter. There are countless people who believe in the underlying ideology guiding her piece, an ideology I myself used to preach. It’s not even about the subject of her piece in particular, “rape culture,” and I don’t intend to write about that subject here. It could have been about any number of subjects; what I find striking about it is that it illustrates a few clear examples of what I consider to be the insidious nature of SJW ideology.”

“I believe the ultimate ends of SJWism (or Regressive Leftism) are a normalization of political violence… The ideology prioritizes feelings and emotion over thoughts and ideas. It tells you that whatever you are feeling at the moment is more important than any idea, more important than civil dialogue, more important even than attempting to form and articulate an argument to support your opinion.”

“The behavior of the Regressive Left — prioritizing emotion over ideas, blaming others for one’s own feelings, attacking free speech and justifying physical violence — tells me more about the ideology’s intended ends than any of their stated beliefs in equality.”

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