Short men and overweight women ‘earn £1,500 less at work’

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

“Study points to ‘awful but true’ unconscious biases among employers, say experts

Employers are being warned not to unwittingly discriminate against people because of their height or weight, after researchers at the University of Exeter found that short men and overweight women earn less.”

“A study that examined data from 120,000 people between the ages of 40 and 70 uncovered a link between body mass index, height and earnings, with men who are shorter than the national average of 5ft9 and women who are heavier than average (11 stone) found to earn around £1,500 a year less than their counterparts.”

“Professor Tim Frayling, from the university’s medical school, said: “This is the best available evidence to indicate that your height or weight can directly influence your earnings and other socioeconomic factors throughout your life.”

Is this a new intersection of discrimination? Or could it be that we look for protector qualities in men and fertility qualities in women. This is why being fat isn’t an issue for men and being short isn’t an issue for women…

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