Are You a True Progressive?

“No-one wants to be picked on, so why not just agree with the famous people? Don’t ask whether saying they want Labour in power is just a way for them to ease their weak-minded liberal guilt. Whether they’re so rich and out-of-touch that politics to them is merely an academic exercise. Whether they’re cocooned and unaffected whatever happens.”

  1. Are you in favour of racial segregation?
  2. Do you think LGBT people should be forced to be left wing?
  3. Do you believe that religious laws should be enforced on non-believers?
  4. Are you relaxed about children being murdered?
  5. Have you read Harry Potter?

“What’s that you say? It’s seems harsh to be condemned just for disagreeing on one or two points? That’s a problematic attitude, heretic. Conform absolutely or show yourself out.”

Turns out I’m not a true progressive. Off to the gulag for me…

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