Why men often die earlier than women


“On average, women live longer than men. In fact, 57% of all those ages 65 and older are female. By age 85, 67% are women. The average lifespan is about 5 years longer for women than men in the U.S., and about 7 years longer worldwide.”

“There are many reasons why the ratio of men to women (which is roughly equal in young adulthood) starts to favor women over time. Among the most powerful factors? Men tend to

  • take bigger risks.
  • have more dangerous jobs.
  • die of heart disease more often and at a younger age.
  • be larger than women.
  • commit suicide more often than women.
  • be less socially connected.
  • avoid doctors.

I wouldn’t bother with the comments though, mostly uninformed, anecdotal, emotional responses.

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