The Patriarchy And Other Feminist Half-Truths

“Feminism holds the perspective that society resembles a patriarchy, that women are oppressed and there exists a thing called male privilege. This is mainstream feminist theory. I am sorry, I just can’t accept that this reflects modern Western society and I won’t delude myself into thinking that it does. I do accept though, that in some corners of the world and at times in the past, this is a somewhat accurate description of reality.”

“It is very misleading to make the sweeping generalisation that men have historically had power and authority over women and have oppressed them. For much of human history the only people that have had power and authority over women, men or anyone for that matter, have been royalty and aristocracy. That is a fact. It is also a fact that like many women of the past, most men were fairly powerless in society. Most men like most women, were poor peasants at the mercy of their emperor, empress, king, queen, lord or dame. Generally speaking, most men had as much power and authority as most women.”

My take on this is when people start talking about patriarchy what they mean is “the culture in which we live based on 2000 years of western civilization

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